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Welcome to heyDesireé - the blog!

Hello, and welcome to the blog! ☺️ This is my first post, hopefully of many, and I am so excited to start sharing news about heyDesireé, as well as some behind-the-scenes content, small business tips and really just anything else I decide to sprinkle in here. I have never attempted to write a blog, but I have read quite a few of them. And no mater the subject, the central idea is usually that the writer shares their raw thoughts and feelings as they go along, almost like a public journal. And that's something that I have always found to be intriguing.

Since this pretty little feature has been sitting on my website waiting untouched, I figured I would try my hand at it. My goal is to give you a fly-on-the-wall, insider view of how I'm building my business, while also keeping myself on track by noting down my thoughts and feelings throughout the process. I want to show you where I'm succeeding, but most importantly where I'm lacking, and even failing - that's where growth is made. 🌱 I want to be able to share all the things I currently know and am learning along the way, so that maybe you can start or maintain your own small business!

All too often I see creatives and business owners withholding valuable and useful information for fear that someone might use it to their advantage and pass them up. While this is understandable in regards to something like a secret recipe or knowing the perfect corner of town for sales, a lot of the information I've seen being withheld is trivial. Someone can read and learn the information, even piecing it together to build the perfect business plan, but can they run a business like you can? Can they keep up like you when the going gets rough? Are they as resilient as you are when you encounter setbacks? No one can be you. When you start a business, you can only copy someone to a certain degree before you get tired of it and fall off, because there wasn't enough YOU in your business. So as I share information about how I'm running MY business, things I'm doing that maybe could help you, I want you to take this information and add in the spice of YOU! ✨

Thank you for reading, it really means a lot to me! Feel free to explore and let me know in the comments how you're liking the site! My next two posts will talk about where I'm personally failing and succeeding with heyDesireé, and the new approach and direction I've decided to take. Stay tuned!


-Desireé 💕

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